An article about Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics were the initial specialty subdivisions of dentistry. The specialty involves studying and treating improper bites also known as occlusions and crooked teeth. Occlusion is caused by either tooth irregularity or uneven jawbone relationship. It is may also be brought about by both. Individuals who specialize in this work are called orthodontists.

An orthodontist also handles cases like control or modification of facial growth as well as dental displacement. They find causes of various deformities besides treatment planning. Diagnosis work entails identifying the various characteristics of improper bite. The step that follows is determining the nature of improper bite and its likely cause. The orthodontists then prescribe treatment plans, which are based upon the special requirements of the patients.

The visit is finalized with dialogue between the specialist and the patient. The specialists state clearly to their clients their treatment plan. The dialogue is intended to give patients adequate time to make informed choices on whether to reject or accept the recommended medication. In addition it allows sufficient time for questions from the client and clarification from the orthodontist.

Orthodontists apply specialized equipment during treatment like brackets or dental braces and metal wires. The metal wires are fixed into dental braces in thorough orthodontic treatment. The braces work together with wires during movement of teeth into the expected positions. Invisalign entails use of a plastic aligner to move teeth. Typical brackets or braces are made using stainless steel or other ceramic materials.

Other tools used in movement of jaws and teeth are plates, expansion appliances, and headgear. Functional tools are applied on individuals whose age bracket ranges between fourteen to five years or people who are still growing. They are applied in reconstruction of jaw dimensions and relationship if they be altered. The treatment is followed instantly by full brackets therapy for positioning the teeth.…